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Title Loans in Utah: Complete Guide on How to Get Approved

Do you need emergency cash but can't get approved for a loan because you have bad credit? You might qualify for a title loan!

Curious? Let's get started!

What Are Car Title Loans in Utah

A car title loan is a short-term loan (usually 15, 30, or 60 days) where you hand over the title of your fully paid car to your lender in exchange for getting cash quickly.

You can usually get approved and receive your money the SAME BUSINESS DAY you apply.

The application and approval process is quick and simple, and even the documents you must bring are few and basic!

Who Can Qualify for a Car Title Loan in Utah

You can apply for an auto title loan if you are:

  1. A U.S. citizen
  2. A resident of Utah
  3. At least 18 years old
  4. The sole owner of a fully paid vehicle

Benefits of a Car Title Loan in Utah

Here's why you should take out an auto title loan in Utah

Quick Cash

One of the biggest advantages of title loans to Utah customers is that you get the cash you need the same day you apply for the loan.

Getting your money the same day makes title loans great for unexpected expenses and cash emergencies.


To give you your cash quickly, title loan companies have simplified the process and made it more efficient, and they have gotten rid of the hassle on the part of their customers!

And unlike traditional financial institutions, title loan companies will only ask for a few basic documents you probably already have!

All You Need Is Your Car

The main requirement for title loans in Utah is your vehicle. Since it's a secure loan, it's easier and faster for customers to get approved.

Bad Credit Is Fine

For title loan companies, no credit score is too low. Some of them won't even conduct a credit check!

The most important thing to title loan companies in Utah is that you can pay off your title loans.

They won't care too much about your credit score if you can prove that you have sufficient income for that.

What You Need to Apply for Car Title Loans in Utah

Before you apply for an auto title loan, get these papers ready first:

Clear Vehicle Title

Let's start with the most important document! For your vehicle title to qualify, it needs to be CLEAN and LIEN-FREE.

Your car has to be fully paid and is not currently collateral under any other loan.

Government Issued ID

Just bring any of your government IDs (with a photo of you) to your title loan company to prove your identity.

Also, note that your name here needs to match the name on your car title.

Proof of Residence

Since these auto title loans are exclusive to Utah residents, you must submit proof of residency. Just bring any of these:

  • Contract of Lease
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Utility bills

Proof of Income

Since bad credit is fine with title loan lenders, they rely on your proof of income to approve your loan.

So to prove that you will have enough funds to pay off your loans when the due date comes, bring any of the following documents:

  • A recent pay slip
  • Proof of business income
  • Proof of social security or retirement benefits
  • Proof of inheritance
  • Property title
  • Or any other document that proves you have sufficient income

Vehicle Documents

You will also need to bring your Car Insurance documents and the updated Car Registration Papers.

If you are missing any of those (or both), your customer service representative will happily assist you in getting them!

Character References

To further prove your identity and capacity to repay the loan, you must provide 1 to 4 character references.

You will also need to provide their contact information like phone numbers and addresses, so be ready with those.

Photos of Your Vehicle

You must submit 4 photos of your vehicle, the FRONT, BACK, and 2 SIDES.

A Copy of Your Keys

Lastly, you will need to give your lender a duplicate of your car keys for easy repossession.

How to Apply for Car Title Loans in Utah

Here's how to do it, step by step!

Step 1: Choose an Auto Title Loans Service

There are different auto title loan companies in Utah.

So before settling on the first lender you see, research your different options and choose the lender that will offer you the best deal.

Here's what you should look for:

  1. Competitive interest rates
  2. Low lender's fees
  3. Good reviews from previous customers

Step 2: Get Pre-approved

First, go to your lender's website and fill out the online application form

Just fill it out and submit it, then a customer service representative will contact you.

They will ask you a few more questions, set your appointment with their office, then instruct you on the next step of your application.

You can also ask questions about other loan details you're curious about during the call.

Although, do note that this step is OPTIONAL.

You could also proceed to your lender's office in Utah and skip the pre-approval, but doing this will make your visit to your lender in person faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Step 3: Visit Their Office in Person

Next is your visit to your lender in Utah. Don't forget to bring all your documents with you!

After submitting your documents, they will assess your car and papers, ask you some more questions, and give you their final approval.

Once approved, they will inform you of the following:

  1. Their interest rates
  2. Their lender's fees
  3. Documentation fees
  4. The range of amount you can borrow
  5. Your repayment schedule

They will also install a GPS on your car.

Step 4: Get the Cash

Next, they will prepare your contract. After you sign it, you can get your loan funds!

You can receive your money through any of the following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Direct deposit to your bank account
  • Wire transfer
  • Online transfer
  • Or any other common money transfer methods

Alternatives to Auto Title Loans in Utah

Curious about other lenders that offer loans for customers with bad credit? Let's look at your other options, depending on your loan needs:

Payday Loan

A payday loan in Utah is like a title loan. It's also a short-term loan that offers quick, same-business-day loans but charges high interest and expensive customer fees.

A payday loan is usually for getting through finances and bills until the next paycheck.

The due date is after you get paid, so the loan duration is shorter than that of a title loan.

But unlike title loans, payday loans do not require collateral to get approved.

Instead of borrowing against the equity of your vehicle, you borrow against the value of your next paycheck.

Because of this, payday loans can only lend you a small amount.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are also available for customers with poor credit scores in Utah.

A personal loan for bad credit is a good option if you need access to a big amount of money but can not provide collateral.

A personal loan is also an installment loan. Unlike payday and title loans, where you repay the entire loan amount in one lump sum, you pay in monthly, equal installments.

A personal loan is also a good choice if repaying in the short term is hard for you. The life of a personal loan usually lasts a year or more.

Since you pay in monthly installments for over a year, the money you are due every month is smaller and easier to manage.

However, since personal loans are not secure, getting them approved is usually harder than title loans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have questions about title loans in Utah? You might find the answers here!

How Is the Equity of My Car Estimated?

Title loan companies will assess your car's equity based on its Make, Model, Mileage, Year, and overall condition.

How Much Are Title Loan Interest Rates?

Title loan companies may brag about their competitive rates, but most charge around 25% monthly.

Do Title Loan Companies Accept Motorcycles as Well?

It depends.

Most title loan companies will accept motorcycles, RVs, and even boats! But since not all of them will, it's best to contact them first.

What Are the Different Payment Options?

You can make your payment the same way you receive your loan money!

You can pay through a bank deposit on their account, cash, check, or online transfer.

Are Title Loans Safe?


Title loan companies in the Utah department follow federal law and are regulated by the government.

Is Account Approval Required?

It depends on your title loan company.

Most companies won't even need you to have a bank account to apply, but others will require you to have an active bank account and ask you to verify it.

Is Refinancing With a Title Loan Possible?


You can get a title loan to refinance another loan. Just let your customer service representative know about this purpose so that they can assist you.

In Short

Title loans are convenient, easy, and can get the funds you need, especially in emergencies.

But the interest rates are high, they can be very expensive, and you only have a short time to pay them back.

So explore all your other options first, and if you take out a title loan, make sure you can pay it back when it's due!

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